What you need to bring to camp with your dog:

1.Vaccination record: A must for your first visit.  As needed updates after that.
2.Food: We find it easier on your dog if the food remains the same here as at home.  Ideally,  zip-lock baggies with a premeasured amount, --or a plastic tub labeled with your dog’s name and amount to be fed.  We feed twice a day.  
Lucy is a sweetheart with velvet fur!
Drop off and pick up time is 8-9:30am
Monday thru Friday
Please stick to this window as we cannot interrupt a lesson for check in/check out!
BOARDING is $55 per day. 
This includes exercise and playtime!
While your dog is here, they will have an outdoor, covered run.  At night, everyone sleeps indoors with a raised Kuranda bed.  We are climate controlled!
3.Medicines:  Any meds that your dog needs should be clearly labeled with dosage instructions.  Please help us be prepared with allergy meds, if needed.
4.Chews/Bones: Choose whatever works best for your dog.  We have treats here for purchase.  Please label toys, if possible.
5.Blanket or Bed: This should be washable.  We have Kuranda raised platform beds in the kennel runs, so often just a familiar-smelling blanket to lay on top works great.

If your pup is friendly and social with other dogs, they will have play time with other dogs of similar activity level.  This makes for very happy dogs, but it also means that your pup will not stay “shiny clean.”  Please don’t bathe your dog before they come to camp.  We can provide cleaning (see check-in sheet for pricing).